Eliminate Smoke Odors From Cars and Homes

For everyone that hasn’t gone “nose-blind” to them, foul odors are everywhere. They can make a college dorm or men’s locker room a challenging place to be.  Or how about riding shotgun in the ‘08 Town Car your buddy bought used from Tommy Tomatoes, who chain smoked 20 packs a day, and played chauffeur to a bull dog and his drunken cigar smoking poker squad this past New Years Eve in Vegas. Well get ready for your mind blown.

There’s a simple yet HIGHLY effective method to make even the unholiest smelling car interiors like new again!


Ozone is an arrangement of highly reactive oxygen atoms and molecules referred to as “free radicals” that neutralize toxic microbial and chemically offensive substances in and around our environment.  Ozone is a natural purifier and when harnessed for commercial purposes, it can be used for a wide range of applications including SMOKE ODOR ELIMINATION! We’ll get more into the science of ozone in another post but for now, let’s discuss some of the basics regarding how ozone is used professionally to eliminate smoke and other odors from cars, homes and relatively enclosed human environments.

There are many commercially available solutions for average consumers to attempt treatment of living spaces or vehicle interiors by making their own ozone but not all technologies are equal.  Just like other product categories, you have choices in feature performance and pricing but you will often get what you pay for.  There are also procedure considerations that need to be made and inexperienced users can damage equipment, personal property and EVEN THE HEALTH of those who are exposed to high concentrations of ozone.

Ozone basically works by changing the molecular structure of chemical substances that give off unpleasant smells like tar, one of the most offensive ingredients released by cigarette smoking.  When Ozone (O3) comes into contact with it, the tar is reduced to a basic form of ash, resulting in complete neutralization and ODOR ELIMINATION!

The effectiveness of O3 treatments is a function of several variables:

  • Severity of smoke odor(s) often indicated by a yellowing or discoloration of walls and surfaces
  • Quality of oxygen source
  • Power output of ozone generators
  • Number of ozone generators
  • Concentration of ozone (measured in ug/ml)
  • Square footage and volume of space(s) being treated
  • Duration of treatment

The most effective method for cigarette, cigar and other types of smoke odor elimination is by the process of what we call “heavy ozone shock”.  This procedure requires the following:

  • General containment of space(s) to be treated
  • High concentration of O3
  • Sufficient duration of time held at high concentration

Land Rover Header for Smoke Odor Elimination

For extremely heavy smoke odor remediation, we suggest a pre process which uses a high tech microbial enzyme applied to the treatment area first.  We use an industrial fogging machine to apply this enzyme to maximize dispersion within the space.

Property managers and average consumers often attempt their own odor elimination with lower cost and smaller, non-commercial ozone generator and equipment combined with single transformers and even small computer fans but this rarely, if ever, produces optimal results. Sometimes customers attempt painting over walls and surfaces to try and eliminate odors but the paint just serves as a moderate barrier to the base odors and the result is a breakdown of the paint chemicals and considerably longer treatment times if professional odor remediation is chosen later.

The process for treating both cars and homes is generally the same however we suggest applying the microbial enzyme by spraying the headliner of the car first and then running a machine for two days or more depending on the severity of the odor.

Are you sick of your car or home smelling like cigarette, cigar and other smoke odors?  Give us a call at 949 291 0952 and Ozone Pure Air will fix it the professional way!


How Ozone Works to Eliminate Odors

Nikola Tesla, the godfather of the wireless age gave us some truly amazing technologies including the method and means for generating an extremely effective anti-microbial that occurs freely in nature.  You know that fresh “rain smell” in the air after a good thunderstorm? It’s our Creator’s natural environmental disinfectant. That smell is called Ozone!


Ozone is an arrangement of highly reactive oxygen atoms and molecules referred to as “free radicals” that neutralize toxic microbial and chemically offensive substances in and around our environment.  Ozone is a natural purifier and when harnessed for commercial purposes, it can be used for a wide range of applications including SMOKE ODOR ELIMINATION!

Customers often ask us more specifically how ozone machines remove odors from houses, cars, clothing, etc.  Basically, ozone removes odor by destroying the molecules, that cause unpleasant smells.  Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive molecule produced by adding a singular and highly unstable oxygen atom to a chemically stable oxygen (O2) molecule. Due to the atomic charge of the O3 molecule, it’s very quick to chemically react with other particles.  Ozone will effectively change the chemical structure of odor producing substances it comes into contact with and neutralizes them.

When considering microbial based odor producers like bacteria and spores vs. chemical or synthetic based ones, the same process of reaction and neutralization applies.  The ozone will essentially adhere to, or “attack” the outer walls of certain toxic cells causing them to break down.  When the outer shell degrades, the cell itself breaks apart and dies.


Looking for the source of the odor

When we look at the challenges of odor elimination, particularly extreme odors that might even qualify as health hazards, the answer is “more is better”.  We simply require more ozone to get rid of the smell.  It’s a matter of availability and as long as there are still odor producing agents, while the ozone production going, the process of reaction will continue until there’s nothing left to chemically neutralize.

We often hear from customers who claim to have “tried everything” to get rid of a smell, but are still left with lingering scents that just don’t seem to go away.  One reason that ozone is so useful in these situations is because it has access to any location within an environment and isn’t limited to areas where alternative physical means of application might be required.  Ozone will go wherever the odors are even if you can’t reach them. This includes air, walls, ceilings, duct work, carpet fibers, gaps between floorboards, cracks in walls, and more.  Ozone is will penetrate these areas and destroy any odor causing agents it finds there.

Feel free to ask us for more information and to see typical treatment times for common odor elimination problems.  If you’d like to discuss how a professional ozone treatment to your car, home or RV might benefit you, then call 949 291 0952 or write Ozone Pure Air today!


Removing Dog and Pet Odors From Cars

If you’re like us, you never go anywhere without your furry companions.  Pets just make our lives better but let’s face it, kinda like the in-laws, they bring some gnarly unwanted baggage to the table, more specifically, PET ODORS!  Ewww . . So what can you do?

Common Odor Elimination Methods Fail

Many people resort to hanging those cheap vanilla scented rear view danglers but those just don’t cut through the funk.  Most commercial fragrances and “odor eliminators” only mask the real problem which comes from pet dander and other germs and bacteria that animals bring to the party.


Riding Shotgun With Your Hooman

For nearly a decade of working in the car and home odor elimination business, we’ve had countless discussions with auto detail experts, pet shop owners and internet bloggers who’ve attempted to address the pet odor problem.  After having used a multitude of products in trial and error for pet odor elimination, and with marginal to generally unimpressive results, we’ve finally found the “silver bullet” to slay this formidable beast. Since much of the problem of pet odor is rooted in the buildup of proteins at the germ level, it makes sense to attack these unwanted smells with microbiology or . . ENZYMES!

Why Our Methods Work

Ozone Pure Air uses an enzyme combined with a proprietary ingredient that’s natural and non-toxic mixed into a base solution, (we call this our secret formula).  The results have been nothing short of miraculous!

We apply the formula into the fabrics or carpets of the areas that need treatment and we allow it sit for 45 minutes prior to steam cleaning it out.  We’ve personally never seen another commercial formula or solution work as effectively for dog and pet odor elimination. But wait, we’re only half way through our process . .

Take A Comprehensive Approach

We’re an ozone company first but we use every tool available in our arsenal to COMPLETELY eliminate smoke and other odors so next, we run the ozone.  As we treat your car, we configure the headliner, leather and plastics and then we run the ozone isolated and at high concentration for a couple of days.  The final result is a complete auto interior system purification!  This ozone application also works to treat the air ventilation and ducts that may have accumulated mold or mildew from condensation which routinely build up in most car air flow systems.

Don’t make your best friends sit at home, take them with you! Even if you’re at the point of wanting to sell your vehicle because you’re totally over the wet dog funk or it smells like butt, call Ozone Pure Air and you’ll be the one barking success from the rooftop!

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corona virus image

Eliminate Corona Virus From Your Home And Car

Your home is your castle and the last thing you want is for a germ or virus to invade and make you or your family vulnerable to sickness and disease right where they live and spend most of their time. So how can Ozone Pure Air help or make a difference in the wake of the Corona virus pandemic?

Understanding Viruses

According to wikipedia, “a virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates inside the living cells of an organism” and can be transmitted or spread in a number of ways. One of the ways a virus might spread is through airborne transmission, meaning that the virus is capable of being carried along by small particles traveling through the air which can then be inhaled or breathed in.

What is Corona Virus?

According to the World Health Organization, coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). COVID-19 had not been previously identified in humans.

According to wikipedia, the Corona virus “is primarily spread between people during close contact,[a] often via small droplets produced by coughing,[b] sneezing, or talking.[6][16][18] The droplets usually fall to the ground or onto surfaces rather than remaining in the air over long distances.[6][19][20] People may also become infected by touching a contaminated surface and then touching their face.[6][16] In experimental settings, the virus may survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours.”

How Environmental Ozone Can Help

Ozone is a trivalent form of oxygen and when it enters the atmosphere, it’s third (free radical) oxygen atom will break off and seek to attach to any potentially low oxidative substance to completely neutralize it. See our article here for a more thorough breakdown of how ozone works at the molecular level.

Viruses are generally made up of crystals which ozone can destroy by attacking their nucleic acid cores, thus damaging the viral RNA. After destroying these particles, ozone dissipates and leaves freely breathable oxygen as its only byproduct.

COVID-19 is an enveloped type virus and in past studies, up to 99 percent of viruses have been shown to be destroyed with damage to their envelope proteins after 30 seconds of exposure to ozone. This can result in the virus’s failure to attach to normal, healthy cells, and the breakdown of the single-stranded RNA can lead to the complete destruction of the virus.

Ozone is one of the strongest disinfectants available to the public and is used in a wide variety of clinical, commercial and residential applications.

Make Ozone Pure Air Your Frontline Defense

Ozone has been shown to kill 99.999% of pathogens in the air, including SARS Coronavirus and influenzas such as H5N1. Researchers anticipate that it may be an important tool in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

If you’re worried about Corona virus, (COVID-19) and are serious about elimination of germs from your home, RV or car the look no further.  Ozone Pure Air has been purifying enclosed areas for years.  Removing Corona Virus from your home will be quick and easy.

More About Us

We have been using ozone to remove odors from homes and cars for many years. Our customers routinely call to thank us for the very noticeable difference we make in improving the cleanliness, quality and sanitation of their environments. Viruses and bacteria have no resistance to our product.

We are now in the San Diego area, and look forward to serving you and to putting your worries at ease as we eliminate Corona virus from your home and car.

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Smells that Sell Houses

When you are trying to sell a home, smells or lack thereof are very important in helping you accomplish this task. I usually recommend no smell if possible because odorless is certain to please all audiences. However, many companies and businesses have learned that by carefully applying fragrances you can increase sales. As people, we have 5 senses and I’d argue one of the most important senses for controlling mood and emotion is your noses olfactory sense of smell.

I read an interesting case study recently that when Starbucks introduced breakfast food into the menu their coffee sales declined. The reason was the smell of the food was overpowering the coffee smell that its customers liked and had become use to. Starbucks caught on quick and went straight to food scientists to engineer their food products to have less smell. The changes worked and sales increased.

Stick with the Basics: Best Scents to Sell your Home

I recommend using basic and popular smells that have universal appeal. There are some very fancy and creative designer candles that border on being perfume with clever names like ocean mist, or tropical blend and exotic flavors like pineapple and what have you, but when selling a house, it is best to stick to the basics. You want the scent to appeal to the broadest audience. For that reason, I recommend these tried and true scents as your go-to:

  • Vanilla
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Citrus
  • Pine & Cedar

Scented Candles

baxter-of-california-sweet-ash-scented-candleScented candles are the most popular way to add fragrance to a home. If you are using scented candles, pick one scent and stick to it for the entire house. You need at least one candle per room. I would only put candles in a couple of rooms, not everywhere because you don’t want the scent to become overpowering. The most important places to put the candles are at the entry and the master bedroom.

I have found using too many different candle scents confuse buyers and it can be jarring if two different fragrances don’t blend well together. Make your life easier and stick to using only one fragrance throughout the entire house.

Most artificial candles are made with paraffin wax which is a byproduct of petroleum refining. I’d recommend sticking with natural candles made of Bees Wax because they are healthier and do not let off toxins and carcinogens when they are burned.

Essential Oils

essential-oils-2Essential Oils are a great natural product alternative to candles. You can get some natural herb smells like tea, mint, and eucalyptus that you can’t get with candles. They can be a little more expensive and harder to use which is why candles are the most popular. Essential Oils are made from organic plant extracts and have been proven to have therapeutic health effects.

Food Smells

antipastoplatterReal estate agents sometimes serve food at their open houses. I’d be very careful with food smells because it can distract buyers from the house. Don’t serve a full meal. Heavy dinner smells, especially in homes with open kitchen layouts where cooking smells tend to travel throughout the entire house, will have buyers thinking about their stomachs instead of buying the house. Light snacks are best for serving at open houses. Wine and Cheese, with vegetable plates, or cold small sandwiches are always a hit. Some real estate agents try to pull people in by making fresh baked chocolate chip cookies- pro tip of advice- don’t burn them! Or apple cider in the winder months is another popular smell. Honestly food smells are my lease favorite option because I think they compete with buyers attention with the house.

Dealing with Smoke, Pet, and other Odors

One big mistake I see Real Estate Agents make if their listing has a bad smell is to try and cover it up. They will paint the walls or burn dozens of candles to hide the smoke odors or pet smells. This never works- what you end up with is a nauseating combination of the scent and the smell. How do you think Vanilla Cigarette Smoke Smells? Or Citrus Grapefruit Cat Urine? Wet Dog Lavender? What I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t try cover up bad smells- you need to remove them.

Ozone Pure Air specializes in eliminating unwanted odors. These are odors that don’t just go away if you open a window and try to air the property out. We use specialized machines to produce Ozone from the air. Ozone is an Oxygen molecule with an extra oxygen (O3) that is also the same molecule that protects our atmosphere from space. This molecule is highly reactive and bonds with odor causing compounds and neutralizes them.

For extremely stubborn pet soiled carpet odors or odors in car fabrics and carpet fibers we have special enzymes help to remove those odors also.

James Campbell is a reputable Los Angeles Real Estate Agent and a guest blogger for Ozone Pure Air.

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